kylrnew5dW-432x288Kyrl Henderson
Writer / Producer / Director

Kyrl has written and produced a wide variety of business communications for hundreds of businesses of almost every size and description, from applying tactics and strategies in creative concepts, through the full range of applied pieces.

In addition to business communications, Kyrl is an artist that works as a photographer and film producer.

His style is clear, direct, and concise. He gets to the point. Years of experience have taught him that people act and change their behavior based on emotions: how they feel. Then they justify their emotional decision rationally. It’s necessary to reach people through their hearts, and cause them to change their behavior by giving them rational justification.

Kyrl has a B.A. in History from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, (’71) and lives in Minnetonka MN. He plays coaches football (soccer), plays disc golf, rides his bike, swims, and is active in a number of volunteer community organizations, including the Board of the Oneota Film Festival, and the Winneshiek County Democratic Party.