Meet the cast of “Hand Me Downs” (in order of appearance)




Ruth Bruce
is a community theater actor and lives in Decorah, Iowa






Ronda Anderson-Sand
is a community theater actor from Southeastern Minnesota.







Andrea Oldfield
at the time of production was a Senior Theater-Dance Major at Luther College.




IrisCU1+tearWIris Wadsworth was (at the time) a real baby and that is her real tear, although we were all pretty surprised when it appeared, because she didn’t do a lot of crying during shooting.  She only got upset when we took the trash bags away.  :>)







Amy Helgeson
is the real deal.  Amy drives a garbage truck and roll-off truck for Hawkeye Sanitation in Cresco, Iowa.




While casting was one of the challenges in the making of this film, our sincere thanks to all of the actors for the fine job.