“So what do we want to leave our children and grandchildren?  Garbage?  Plastic? The land fill isn’t a bottomless pit!”

HMD_Amy_001Rw-150x150Along for the ride, shooting photos in a garbage truck, writer / producer / director Kyrl Henderson heard these words from Hawkeye Sanitation driver Amy Helgeson that inspired this film.

So the question isn’t just “What are we doing?”.  It’s “How can we change what we’re doing to leave a better planet for our children?”

Use this site to get more ideas, or share your own.  We can all do a better job of using less, recycling more, and returning the crap we’re getting left with from inconsiderate and mindless manufacturers and retailers.

DON’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!  Return it, reuse it, recycle it.  Do what you can.

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